How I Got Hired by TropicalMBA

How I Got Hired by TropicalMBA

A few weeks ago, TropicalMBA posted the opportunity of a lifetime. After four Skype interviews, I was offered the product marketing position, and come middle of September, I will be living in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) working with the talented team at TropicalMBA. I couldn’t be more excited and I can’t wait to work my ass off.

The job posting got an overwhelmingly positive response and Dan wrote some tips to help future applicants on how to get their dream job.  Dan gives some excellent advice and I wanted to share my experience in applying to my dream job.

It was an average Friday afternoon, the office was a little slow and on my lunch break I was surfing my favorite blogs and catching up on my ever growing email subscriptions.

I saw an email from TropicalMBA saying they were hiring. After reading the job description, I knew I had to apply. It was the last day to submit your application, so I rushed home and got to work.

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The Truth About Success

The Truth About Success


This picture is great. It exemplifies why everything most people think is wrong.

Recently, I was in a situation where I could really relate to this. I had a very big decision to make in my career which I’ll be telling you about very soon (big announcement coming!).

I basically came to a fork in my career and had to make a decision that would impact the rest of my life.

Being neurotic, analytic, and fickle as I am I wavered back and forth in fear of making the wrong choice.

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You Can’t Turn Your Friends into Ninja Turtles

You Can’t Turn Your Friends into Ninja Turtles

I met up with my good friend Eric last night for dinner before we went to a club that he was DJing at. I always enjoy hanging out with Eric because the conversations always lead to interesting realizations.

A little background, I met Eric in college when we were both playing at home poker games. We instantly became friends and ended up living together senior year. We both have the entrepreneurial spirit and we co-founded a nightlife promotions company. In 2012 we had one of the most successful events night in Boston.

I ended up leaving that company to pursue other passions but Eric stayed strong and that company is now doing massive shows in big arenas all around the country.

We’ve always maintained a great friendship and business relationship. We often consult each other on our current projects which brings us to the conversation last night.

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