The Truth About Success


This picture is great. It exemplifies why everything most people think is wrong.

Recently, I was in a situation where I could really relate to this. I had a very big decision to make in my career which I’ll be telling you about very soon (big announcement coming!).

I basically came to a fork in my career and had to make a decision that would impact the rest of my life.

Being neurotic, analytic, and fickle as I am I wavered back and forth in fear of making the wrong choice.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with my grandfather at Thanksgiving a few years back. He was telling me that there is only one truth. We may not know what this truth is, but by definition, there is one truth and everything else is false.

He related this to decision making and that there is always a right choice and a wrong one. There may be no way to know which one is right, but nonetheless, there is a right answer. It might just take you six months to realize when you look back what the right decision was.

This isn’t very practical advice, thanks Gramps.

Yet in my recent decision, I found myself pulling my hair out trying to decide what the right choice was for me, my life, and my career.

Then, I remembered the truth about successful people.

Successful people are no different than you or I. In fact, you and I are quite successful in our own ways already. (The fact that you’re reading my blog makes you successful in my book).

Society has this belief that successful people were lucky, or had advantages in life to get them there, or that successful people are smarter or more capable and that is why they achieved their level of success.

Yes, perhaps Bill Gates did have a rich father and more opportunities than some others, but that doesn’t define his success.

“Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity”

My mother wrote this quote on our refrigerator when I was in high school. And this brings me to the decision making process of successful people.

Successful people don’t know the right answer. They don’t always make the right decision. However, they do make decisions and take action. They make the best decision they can given the information available to them and then they act. Sometimes these actions fail and sometimes they succeed. But at the end of the day, something was learned.

Successful people are very good at one other thing. They tend to remember the reasons why they made a certain decision. This allows them to remain critical and objective while also learning from each success and each failure. Then they take these lessons and over time develop intuition on what works for them and what doesn’t.

That is why there is no key to success because it varies for different people. The only sure fired way to not succeed is to not try.

You have to try different things and be willing to fail. Failure is needed for success to happen, so each time you fail, reframe your mind to realize that you are one step closer to succeeding.

Think of it this way, when you meet a new girl at a bar or club, the first time you go to kiss her, she is usually going to pull away. It’s just a natural reaction even if she does want to kiss you. This is a good thing because now it is out of the way. She is far more likely to kiss you on the second or third attempt (given that she enjoys your company). Don’t feel rejected when the first attempt doesn’t work, that was just the natural progression, and now you are one step closer to success.

I once asked a good friend of mine “How do you make a million dollars?”

“Easy” he said, “You work hard, keep an eye out for opportunities, and take risks.”

Just like the conversation with my grandfather and the quote on the refrigerator, this has always stuck with me.

Which brings me to my current situation. I don’t know what the best choice is and that is okay. I may fail and that is okay too because I will learn from it and be one step closer to succeeding.

I have an opportunity and I am taking a risk. But at the end of the day, I am the constant. Decisions come and go, but I will remain. And each day I will be a little smarter, a little more experienced, a little more successful.

I’ve made my decision and now it’s time to act. It’s time to work. And I can’t wait!

In the next post, I’ll be announcing the big decision I had to make and how my life is going to drastically change!

Until then,

Keep following your passions.



2 thoughts on “The Truth About Success

  1. Wise words you once shared with me- “Who knows if it’ll work. Do it for the right reasons.” You assess a situation as best you can, then make a decision with your heart and mind in the right place.

    Intelligent mindset.

  2. Hey Xavier, you’re so right. It’s funny how our words can stick with people long after we’ve forgotten them. That is why we should use our power for good! Thanks for the support!

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